Monday, May 21, 2012

Star Wars Scrabble Coasters

I made my hubby Star Wars Coasters for his birthday!! They came out really nice and he loved them. I had to make them very quickly while he was out of the house!

Here is a quick re-cap of how I made them and my mistakes.

Some Bunny Tips are included if you are going to make them yourself!


Hot Glue Gun
Scrabble Tiles (Mine were a heavy plastic)
Ruler or Measuring tape
Thin Cork Board (got mine at Michael's) 

Step 1
First I measured a coaster I had in my home and planned on making coasters
with four letter words. Then I wrote out my combinations for each coaster.

 Step 2

Arrange your letters. I measured and pre-cut the cork board into coasters. 

 Step 3

I hot glued the tiles directly onto the cork board and to each other as I placed them.

Step 4

After the glue dried, I trimmed any extra cork board. 

Bunny Tips-

1) Some of the Coaster have warped a little bit. Next time I would but a heavy book on top of the coasters as they dry.

2) I ripped a couple coasters when gluing the letters on... It may be easier to glue all the letters to each other AND then back it with the cork board.

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