Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Save the Date!

Finally! Here are the Save the Dates for my June Wedding! You've already read about the inspiration and where I got the idea... but I will include the steps I took to make them. We had a photo shoot when we were finished... all photos taken by bridesmaid Madame Marble (from Marble and Milkweed).

Step 1: Acquiring the Postcards
After inspiration struck, fiance agreed and setting budget...hit the flea market. I went to the Flea/Green Market on the Upper West Side with friend, Cupcake Cable. I scoped out the entire market and found quite a few stall with postcards. I lucked out that the cheapest cards were also from my home state and even home town! I did buy a mix of cards though because I found others from the hometown of friends or where they went to college. I bought a large amount so I got a great deal from the woman selling them! (Under 50 cents each). Also... I only picked cards that had NO writing on the back. It is possible to bleach off the writing but I was looking to skip that step.

Step 2: Stamp Kit
My dad gave me a stamp kit that was his mother's (and that I played with as a kid). His mother was a school teacher and purchased this in 1932 to aid her students in learning to read. This was my main inspiration for decorating the cards.
I also purchased a kit from staples to make a stamp with all the save the date information. It comes with tiny letters and tweezers. It is supper tedious and took 3 hours to put together.... but was totally worth it in the end.

Step 3: Craft Night
I scheduled a craft night with all my local Bridesmaids and we made put these Save the Dates together! My only directions were get the info on and don't stress about perfection. We stamped, stickered and came up with a cute little "phony" postmark. My Groom to be bought us all dinner as we stamped away...

Step 4: Photo Shoot
After all our cards were made and scattered throughout my living room...we had a photo shoot.

Thank you NYC bridesmaids for all your help! I love how they turned out and have been getting a great response from guests!

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