Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crafting without Lights

The Bunny household is a flutter with wedding planning... lots of booking (hotels, photographers), dessert browsing and INVITATIONS! There will be another craft night this weekend with some lovely helpers and I promise to post a sneak peak.

I spent a good hour mulling over things at Paper Presentations last night (my third visit this week) and was very eager to get things ready for craft night. So, this morning I planned on getting some envelope liners into envelopes. I cut around a paper doilies til the lights went out.

They went out because of this fire hole outside my apartment. I did try to sit back down and glue liners in the dark but had a hard time seeing things well enough on this gray day. I did ponder candles and flashlights to set up a work area...colonial people crafted without electricity! Before the candles could come out, the fire department needed to get in the building to bust open our basement door. Then, I went to work.

Thus, with no electricity I'm heading to my mother-in-law's place... without my Spanish Homework for my class tomorrow..tmi?

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