Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sneak Peak: Invitations!

Wanted to share this sneak peak or "Before photo" of my wedding invitations! I became obsessed with the idea after seeing a Save the Date in Real Simple's Wedding Magazine. It is rather trendy right now and I'm seeing quite a few hankie invites all over the wedding blogs.... but I still HAD to do it! It is not an easy task to seek out these hankies and collect them. And not knowing how to silk screen... it will be iron on transfer all the way! I did try to print on them from my printer.. but it didn't work out very well!

Enjoy the Hankies!


  1. these are so lovely, can't wait to help you put them together!

  2. This sneak peek is nothing like the real thing. We were so stoked to get ours in the mail. It's hanging up on our bulletin board :)

  3. Brian, glad you guys loved it! And Marble thanks for your help!!!