Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How's that list coming along?

You may remember my GIANT TO DO LIST from mid-December.

Let me give an update.
Got the futon for the guest room/office off of good ol' Craigslist, and it cost only HALF of my futon budget.
We toss some pillows and a throw on it as well to introduce a new color to the apartment. Maybe it's a little too bold a new color, but we'll meld it in.

I put some more art up too, by framing some postcards and albums, as you can see here.

The rug in the guest room/office and the nightstand for the feller both have happen, somewhat by accident, too. The rug was simply moved from one room to the other, and it works. The nightstand was found on the street.

Yay! Progress! I'll keep you posted on the whole process of gussying up my apt!


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