Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big Plans

Hi all!

This post will have no photos. Boring, I know.

I just want to gather my thoughts on what to do with my apartment. I live in NYC in a place I'm afraid to paint, but I'm ready for it to start feeling like a cozy home instead of a rented transitory dwelling. A dog certainly helps the space feel like a home, but it's time to work on decor.

I'll put up some before pics so you can see what I'm working with. It's not that the apartment isn't nice, it's just a little junior feeling. It could stand to be gussied up a bit.

Here are some ideas I have. Each one will be documented on this blog as it occurs.
1. Rug under the dining table
2. Shelves over dining table
3. Shelves in kitchen
4. Butcher cart in kitchen
5. Futon in guest room/office/game room
6. Rug in guest room/office/game room
7. Hanging light over dining table
8. Side table in guest room/office/game room
9. more plants and flowers everywhere
10. Frame pages from animal books
11. Frame monogram art
12. Frame posters for shows the feller and i have written
13. Headboard
14. Initials framed over bed
15. wall lamps at bed
16. Empty wine bottles as decoration
17. More candles
18. Replace oil in reed diffuser
19. Line dresser drawers
20. Cheap lamps, spray painted
21. See above, but with candle sticks
22. vase of postcards
23. Nightstand/shelf for the feller?
24. storage boxes/baskets for shoes, scarves, gloves, etc in closets
25. Wrapping paper inside glass on medicine cabinet
26. Line inside of medicine cabinet
27. Cover bare ceiling bulbs somehow
28. File cabinet/boxes for office
29. Reupholster desk chair
30. New drawer pulls and door knobs all over the place
31. cereal boxes into magazine storage
32. spray paint empty cans to be pencil holders, etc
33. keep a plate under the oil and vinegar
34. Glass soda bottle bud vases (3) in the kitchen window
35. Subway art to reflect where we've lived
36. Mirrors
37. Fancy sparkling water bottles grouped to catch the light
38. paper shredder (not really a decoration, but practical with clutter management)
39. get a safe
40. corkboard inside cabinets for shopping lists, coupons, etc.
41. hooks and shelves on insides of cabinet and closet doors

That's all I can think of for now. It's a pretty big list, but I think each item will help transform my apartment into a home.

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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