Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Eve Party

I rang in the 2011 by hostessing a soiree at my apartment this year. I want to hostess more often to 1. be more social and giving and 2. have incentives to keep fixing up my home. Anyway, it worked out nicely, because I got inspired to hang/invent some new art and I had a great time with my guests!

I forgot to upload the framed albums I put up as art (Michael's sometimes has amazing frame sales. I got my LP frames for $4 a pop), but I did upload this turtle postcard that I framed. It adds an air of whimsy to the hallway, and it cost nothing to do.
I also framed a card that our neighbors gave us at our housewarming party last June. How cute is that little house??
Anyway, I went into party planning knowing that a 7-layer dip had to happen. I mean, duh! I always do a veggie side and omnivore side in the same large glass lasagna dish, splitting the two sides with a thick layer of aluminum foil. Here are my layers
1. Refried beans
2. Shredded cheddar
3. Tomato and garlic salsa
4. Black beans
5. Guacamole
6. Sour Cream (totally forgot this on NYE0
7. Beef (or corn on the veg side)
Then I do more cheese on top, but cheese is already one of the layers, so I'm not going to use the same ingredient twice and call it 8-layer dip. That's lazy.
Of course, to counter balance that savory goodness, I had to make my grandmother's sugar cookies. No recipe, as it's a secret, but I will let you know that butter and sugar start the whole thing, and there is little in the world I love more than butter and sugar in combination.
Artichoke and romano bruschetta also happened.
As did cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce. No photos of weenies are allowed on this blog.

I snagged this little wooden crate from the recycling room in my office. I want to paint it and toss legs and casters on it so it can serve as a drinks cart, but for the party it was just a drinks crate.
My BFF brought amazing Pick Your Nose Paper Cups for everyone to drink out of. I'm modeling the large shnoz with blonde mustache below.

And of course, Miss Parsley was the belle of the ball!

Happy 2011, everyone!
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