Monday, December 6, 2010

Wine-ter Wonderland

Hello, Cozy Rustic-ers!

It's the holidays, the greatest DIY time of the year, so of course I needed to make a wreath for my door! I reviewed different options (paper, coffee filters, yarn) and I opted for corks, so I've had friends save any corks from their libations for the past month, and I finally saved up enough to create my wreath.
Like most good things, this started with a drill. I put on my tiniest bit and drilled little holes in the tops and bottoms of all my corks. Just a note, I needed to go back and re-drill with the next size up bit, so plan ahead!

See the tiny hole? It was just a itsy bit too tiny.
So here's what happened next. I ran floral wire through the top holes of all my corks. Then I tied the wire in the middle and ran another wire through the bottom holes of all my corks. The two wires help everything stay in shape better, though it was still pretty wobbly.

This is what it looks like now, but it will hang on my door once it has a big red bow on it.


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