Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY Menorah for Chanukah

Happy Happy Chanukah!

As a boy my fiance made this clay menorah for his family. But he wanted to share this DIY Menorah below that he made last year so we could light the candles together each night at home.
We didn't have a menorah and he remembered a craft that one of his brothers made in school. His family loved it and they still use it. So, we decided to recreate an old family tradition .
What you'll need:
a piece of wood (approximately a foot long)
ten nuts from home depot (I measured the nuts with a candle to get the right size)
super glue (glue gun would be fine too!)
Chanukah Candles and Matches/Lighter

1) Evenly space 9 nuts across the piece of wood
2) Glue nuts down to the wood and let dry.
3) The 10th nut is for the “shamash” or service candle, which must be elevated. So, glue that 10th nut on either edge or in the middle.
4) Being a gentile myself, here is a little info on lighting the candles!
Candles are placed in the menorah from right to left. Correspond candles to which night of Chanukah it is. There is an additional candle which is elevated. The shamash is lit first, and then used to light the other candles, from left to right.

Here is a picture from last night (the 5th night) so you can see the set up!

Last night, I celebrated Chanukah with my mother-in-law to be and the family. We had delicious food, lit candles and exchanged gifts! I had to rush off to the Opera after, but it is really nice to get a glimpse of other family traditions!

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