Sunday, December 12, 2010

How lovely are your branches!

We put up our tree too! Here is a picture of my Dear Fiance carrying our tree home that we bought off the street in Queens. It is from a farm on the West Coast.

This is my third New York City Tree and it always feels like something out of When Harry Met Sally. We did check out the trees outside our supermarket and at the Home Depot. The Home Depot's Christmas tree selection is the saddest thing.... It was filled with sad corralled trees, tons of families with small children, the scary sounds of chainsaws and a woman literally grabbing a tree away from others....

Thankfully, we hightailed it out of there! And found this wonderful little tree. We put it up on a table and we decorated it! I'm hoping to mix in a few of my family ornaments with my Dear Fiance's family ornaments next year.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks! We had some very vintage strands that had yellow lights on them and decided to use those!

  2. This looks darling! We're contenting ourselves with a wreath this year...